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Humanitarian International Voluntary Association is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) established in 2008 whose core mandate is to empower marginalised communities, youth and women, vulnerable & disadvantaged children, and persons with special needs within the pastoralists’ North-Eastern region. The formation of the organisation was prompted by socio-economic and cultural challenges that face the 21st century amidst Violent Extremism, technological advancement, HIV/AIDS, global climatic changes, and political dispensation of the new world order.

HIVA was formed by a group of conscious persons who have witnessed, exposed and experienced the real challenges of development dynamics and hence would like to share the same with other likeminded partners and individuals and make real change by overcoming the myriad social injustices that affect humanity. HIVA seeks to promote human interaction, sharing, understanding, peace, social solidarity, empowerment and love between human beings and their environment through voluntarism and service to humanity.


A world where human beings will live to give back to the society in the name of sharing and uplifting each other in love and service for humanity, which strives to create conducive environment where there is access to basic necessities of life for all.


Improve the lives of the vulnerable, the marginalized, and the deprived, the oppressed and suppressed worldwide through prevention, early intervention, education, networking and empowerment.

HIVA Values

1. Conflict Sensitivity approach: HIVA applies Conflict Sensitivity Approach to all programming in order to avoid negative impacts, optimize positive outputs, and entrench safety, security and stability at community, national and global levels.
2. Cultural and Context Driven: HIVA promotes its unique initiatives on safety, security and stability on the basis of specific community context and local ownership of strategies through broad based participation of communities, government and civil society.
3. Inclusiveness: Foremost HIVA’s drive is based on value for inclusiveness, consultations and public participation in embedding safety, security and stability.
4. Research Based: HIVA recognizes state and non-state actors need to engage in research as well as document and disseminate findings and shared experiences on their work.
5. Volunteerism: HIVA promotes volunteerism and supports communities’ wellbeing without profit motivation. Volunteerism is at the heart of HIVA.
6. Result Oriented and focused: HIVA is committed to achieving outcomes that will benefit vulnerable communities, especially women, the poor and socially disadvantaged.
7. Gender Equity and Sensitivity: HIVA recognizes that men and women are equal partners in sustainable development and poverty alleviation and have different experiences and this must be considered in all sustainable development approaches. For HIVA, women involvement in development and decision-making is mandatory.
8. Collaboration and Cooperation: HIVA cooperates, foremost, with governmental agencies at the national and county levels. We value coordinated participation of all stakeholders including national and county governments, development partners and non-state-actors with a proactive and long-term perspective on development work.
9. Human Rights: HIVA values application of the principles of human rights in our work and ensuring that our development interventions respect human rights.
10. Good Governance: For HIVA, good governance is the foremost pillar for safety, security and stability of society, state institutions and non-state institutions. We promote adherence to the principles of accountability and transparent management of resources and public affairs.
11. Cross-Cutting Perspective: Our thematic areas are cross-cutting in various areas of life. We promote integrated programming approach considering diverse issues, such as safety, security, stability, peace, environmental stewardship, food security, livelihood security, economic empowerment, HIV/AIDS, gender mainstreaming, political stability, unity, cooperation, collaboration, volunteerism, and sustainability, among others.

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