Humanitarian International Voluntary Association (HIVA)

Humanitarian International Voluntary Association is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) established in 2008 whose core mandate is to empower marginalised communities, youth and women, vulnerable & disadvantaged children, and persons with special needs within the pastoralists’ North-Eastern region. The formation of the organisation was prompted by socio-economic and cultural challenges that face the 21st century amidst Violent Extremism, technological advancement, global climatic changes, and political dispensation of the new world order. HIVA was formed by a group of conscious persons who have witnessed, exposed and experienced the real challenges of development dynamics and hence would like to share the same with other likeminded partners and individuals and make real change by overcoming the myriad social injustices that affect humanity. HIVA seeks to promote human interaction, sharing, understanding, peace, social solidarity, empowerment and love between human beings and their environment through voluntarism and service to humanity. 

HIVA Strategic Objectives 

Strategic Objective 1: Climate change resilience through improved livelihood systems, rain water harvesting environmental and natural resource management enhanced.
Strategic Objective 2: A well-coordinated and effective strategy for addressing conflicts and promoting peace & security established.
 Safety, security and stability: To promote safety, security and stability through Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) at the local, county, national and global levels.
 Sustainable Peace: To embed peace at the local, county, national and global levels through utilization of peacebuilding and conflict transformation at all relevant levels and sectors of the community
 Inter-Faith and Religious Diversity: To promote Social-Cultural and Religious Tolerance through programming based on inter-faith values and approaches.
 Community Orientation: To utilize community-friendly and community based approaches as HIVA’s core entry point to socio-economic and political empowerment.

Strategic Objective 3: Vulnerable women and young girls able to realize their full potential through welfare programs, capacity building and girl-child education.
Strategic Objective 4: Good governance, rule of law and citizen participation in political, economic and social development enhanced.
Strategic Objective 5: The strategic themes outcomes are achieved through the development of relevant capacities and skills for HIVA, CSOs and partners in order to provide civic space for effective engagement.  

HIVA Organizational Chart 


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